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Entering the European market is not easy. 44 countries with different healthcare systems. How can you manage it efficiently? Our work consists of supporting companies that want to introduce pharmaceuticals in our part of Europe. Let us work together.

Let us commercialise your pharmaceuticals

Who are we?

The independent pharmaceutical companies TwinPharma (the Netherlands), FrostPharma (Sweden), ExCEEd Orphan (Czech Republic) and iQone Healthcare (Switzerland and Austria) have joined forces in the Your Pharma Partner in Europe Alliance. 1 single point of contact gives you the opportunity to commercialise your products (through TwinPharma, Frost Pharma and ExCEEd Orphan) to 200 million Europeans in 28 countries.

Apart from our sales capabilities, we can handle the distribution, market access (price, reimbursement, hospital protocols) and even the registration for you. For all 28 countries or a selection of these countries.

Interested in the Your Pharma Partner in Europe Alliance?

ExCEEd Orphan
ExCEEd Orphan

ExCEEd Orphan provides unique full business solution for biopharmaceutical companies launching their medicines in Central & Eastern Europe.

ExCEEd Orphan offers a unique blend of full CEE coverage (all 14 countries with total of 115mil. population) with strong local expertise and proven track record in gaining market access and launching multiple specialty medicines.

Our commitment to our clients is “To deliver your unique medicine to each and every patient by providing integral business solutions, fully compliant with your internal processes and local legal and regulatory requirements”


“Our goal is to help children and adults with special medical needs who would otherwise find it difficult to get effective treatment.”

For those who are looking for a distributor in the Nordic region.

We know the Nordic market, and this gives us the best conditions for launching specialist medicines for healthcare. FrostPharma is looking for suppliers who want to create long-term collaborations with us. We are specifically looking for medicines that are designed for small and specialized patient groups, where there is currently no suitable alternative.

iQone Healthcare
iQone Healthcare

iQone Healthcare has a solid and growing portfolio of novel medicines and biosimilars, and we take a fast and flexible approach to distributing them in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. We source our products from leading manufacturers around the world and provide them – together with tailored support services – to healthcare professionals all over the region.

Founded by the current Executive Chairman, Laurent Massuyeau, in 2012, and joined in 2017 by CEO, Michele Genini, the leadership of iQone Healthcare captures decades of successful large pharma and small biotech commercialization experience. Having been active in the field for so long, we know what hospitals and physicians are looking for and understand the imperatives of each of the therapeutic areas we address.


TwinPharma wants to make a contribution to improve the pharmaceutical care in the Benelux by introducing added value medicines that up to now were not available in these countries.

TwinPharma is successful in sales and marketing (and distribution) of specialized (niche) pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We are a well respected and trusted company.

TwinPharma have a strong growth path and have launched pharmaceutical products successfully in Belgium and the Netherlands in the past years.

Let us commercialise your pharmaceuticals.

We know these local markets, and this gives you the best opportunity for commercialising your specialized (niche) pharmaceuticals. 1 single point of contact gives you the possibility to have your products available to 200 million Europeans in 28 countries. For all 28 countries or a selection of these countries.

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