Sales and Marketing

Entering the European market is not easy. 44 countries with different healthcare systems. What is your strategy? Apart from the Big-5, what do you do with the other 28 countries? We offer a solution for 28 countries. Sales and marketing is our core business.

Four companies, one mission

TwinPharma, Excees Orphan, iQone Healthcare and FrostPharma are successful in sales and marketing of specialized pharmaceuticals in the Benelux, Nordics & Iceland, Switzerland / Austria and the Baltics. We are well respected and trusted companies. We will do our outmost best to commercialise your products in our part of Europe. We have 1 mission: to exceed your expectations of the cooperation with us!

What is the next step?

Please contact us to discuss your product strategy for the countries in our part of Europe. We will work with you to make a solid plan to commercialise your products by us in the relevant markets. Let us commercialise your pharmaceuticals in our part of Europe.

Let us commercialise your pharmaceuticals.

We know these local markets, and this gives you the best opportunity for commercialising your specialized (niche) pharmaceuticals. 1 single point of contact gives you the possibility to have your products available to 200 million Europeans in 28 countries. For all 28 countries or a selection of these countries.

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